Professional Staking Services for Private and Institutional Clients

StakeNow enables you to earn a ~0.00% nominal yield per year on your Tezos (XTZ) holdings. We offer this service in full compliance with the law as a German company.

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Stable, High Efficiency Staking

  • Delegate your Validation and Voting Rights

    Tezos delegation is without custody, leaving you in full control over your funds. You can switch the delegation service, move or sell your assets at any time without a penalty on your reward.

  • The StakeNow Infrastructure

    We operate our own high security and high availability server infrastructure running on a 2 x 10 Gbit interconnected backbone in Germany. In doing so StakeNow not only extends the validator set but also contributes to the diversity of the Tezos network infrastructure.

  • Payouts

    We distribute your rewards directly after we receive them every cycle. This means you will see a transaction on your delegated account roughly every three days, automatically delegating your recently gained rewards as well.

  • Nominal Yield

    Grow your Tezos (XTZ) just by holding, without the need to take action by yourself. The automated delegation of your rewards enables you to profit from the compounding effect. All we take is a fair fee of 14.99%. See for yourself below.

Estimate Your Future Tezos Holdings

Within 0 years your inital amount will increase to 0 *
* Calculations are based on the current nominal yield of NaN%. This yield is an indication and is subject to change. Our fee of 14.99% and the compound interest effect have been taken into account.