Staking Services for Private and Institutional Clients

StakeNow enables you to earn a ~0.00% nominal yield per year on your Tezos (XTZ) holdings.

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We are trusted by

  • KW Invest GmbH
  • Naas Capital
  • Moonchain Capital
  • Simple Staking

Stable, High Efficiency Staking

  • Private and Institutional Clients

    Tezos delegation is non-custodial, leaving you in full control over your funds. You can switch the delegation service, move or sell your assets at any time without a penalty on your reward.

  • The StakeNow Infrastructure

    We operate our own high security and high availability server infrastructure running on a 2 x 10 Gbit interconnected backbone in Germany. In doing so StakeNow not only extends the validator set but also contributes to the diversity of the Tezos network infrastructure.

  • Payouts

    We directly pay out your rewards every cycle after we receive them. This means you will see a transaction on your delegated address roughly every three days, automatically delegating your rewards again and therefore profiting from the compounding effect. All we take is a fair fee of 10%.

  • Nominal Yield

    Grow your XTZ just by holding

Estimate Your Future Tezos Holdings

Within 0 years your inital amount will increase to 0 *
* Calculations are based on the current nominal yield of NaN%. This yield is an indication and is subject to change. Our fee of 10% and the compound interest effect have been taken into account.