StakeNow Tezos Staking in English


We have summarized the most frequently asked questions for you. If you have further questions, please contact us so that we can publish them here.

Q: Where can I buy Tezos (XTZ)
A: We would recommend a trustworthy exchange like Kraken, Coinbase or Binance.

Q: What is the best option to store my Tezos (XTZ)?
A: We would highly recommend a certified hardware wallet.

Q: Is there a GUI wallet which I can use with my certified hardware wallet?
A: Yes, we would recommend TezBox or SimpleStaking. Make sure to always check the correct address in your browser to avoid phishing.

Q: Do you have control over my Tezos (XTZ) or my private key?
A: No, at no point do we have control over your Tezos (XTZ) or your private key. You are only delegating your validation and voting rights to us which is without custody.

Q: How will I be informed when I receive a reward?
A: You can check with a blockchain explorer like tzStats or tezblock. You can also set up a Telegram notification bot.

Q: How can I check your payout accuracy and are you insured?
A: You can check our payout accuracy at Baking Bad. Yes, we are insured by Baking Bad. If our node efficiency is below 90% per cycle, unpaid rewards will be covered by the insurance. You can read more about the insurance in detail here.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum delegation amount?
A: Yes, there is. The minimum delegation amount is 10 XTZ and the maximum is our available capacity. Please make sure to check our Terms and Conditions before delegating to us.

Q: Do you pay taxes?
A: Yes, we pay 19% VAT on our delegation fees.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes?
A: Probably! You are solely responsible for paying any taxes or fees that may be payable on its share of the reward.

Q: Which client do you use?
A: You can find the client which we are currently using on Tezos Gitlab Repository. The current commit hash is 94f779a7517f04d1786d710b0b8deea7a9c1f762.