StakeNow Tezos Staking in English

Service for Institutional Clients

Your business owns Tezos as an investment or uses the Tezos technology for its service offerings? You have to protect your Tezos holdings from inflation and want to earn a real yield on your investment? Operating the hardware and establishing the legal framework for staking is not your core competency and offers no value to your customers? StakeNow is the right partner for you offering a sustainable long term service with the following value proposition:

  • Individual service fee
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Invoicing
  • Professional and reliable infrastructure
  • Stable returns every cycle
  • Compliant legal framework
  • Custom Reporting as a service
  • Dashboard (coming soon)
  • Evaluation of and opinion on Tezos protocol amendments
  • Technical consulting for your blockchain projects