StakeNow Tezos Staking in English

Service for Private Clients

You own Tezos because you think the technology is a financial success and will strengthen its position in the coming years? You want to increase your holdings without being diluted by inflation and in addition earn a real yield? Ensuring the security of the network is important to you but you lack the knowledge to do it by yourself? StakeNow is the right partner for you offering a sustainable long term service with the following value proposition:

  • We work with highest efficiency
  • Highest payout ratings on Baking Bad
  • Fair service fee of 14.99%
  • Professional, reliable, high security and high availability infrastructure
  • Stable returns every cycle
  • Send payouts to vaults (i.e. wXTZ or Kolibri)
  • Industry leading Terms & Conditions
  • Compliant legal framework, clients can seek legal remediation in the event of a dispute
  • Comprehensive Dashboard to manage your account
  • CSV exports for your tax filings via our Dashboard
  • Evaluation of and opinion on Tezos protocol amendments, but abstain from voting
  • 24/7 support